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Pure Ephedrine HCL Review

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Pure Ephedrine is actually a herb but has got a lot of bad press over the years. It is part of the ephedra family which is something that doctors have been using for thousands of years as a decongestant and to increase concentration.

In oriental medicine it is called the ma huang herb and is also used to curb hunger. Today this well-studied plant shows conclusively that it can speed up metabolism and be responsible for some significant weight loss. However most of the less expensive ephedrine on the market today is manufactured in a laboratory but is exactly the same as the real thing.

Ephidrine has been banned for years and it was only in 2007 when it was taken off the band list that we started to see it on the shelves again. There are still very strict regulations put in place about the maximum dosage and the manufacturers are not permitted to market it as a weight-loss or a fat-loss product.

It is not allowed to be marketed as a weight-loss product so they sell it as a decongestant in the form of a pill. The strict rules about no tablet or pill to contain more than 8 mg is also added to by a limitation to how much that one person may purchase.

Ephedrine works so well for weight-loss or fat loss because the drug works exactly the same way that adrenaline does. The active ingredients are received by all the adrenergic receptors that are in your body the same way and just as quickly as would noradrenaline.

The result is that very specific instincts in the body are stimulated that send a message to the brain to increase the temperature of the body resulting in thermogenesis. This process helps you burn fats and speed up metabolism as it is similar to exercising.

There have been many studies done specifically on how effective ephedrine HCL is at losing fat. A large group were studied over 12 month period and it was shown that the average person lost between 12 and 24 pounds of fat.

If that amount of fat loss is not fast enough for you then create an EC Stack, which is 25 mg of ephedrine combined with 200 mg of caffeine. This demands even more energy from your body and will work twice as fast, however if you have any heart condition do not attempt this rather drastic measure.

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