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Andro Shock

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Ecdy Bolin
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Pumped Extreme
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Reviews of Bodybuilding Supplements and Products

Welcome to the Bodybuilding Reviews Page. Here you will get honest opinions on some of hottest bodybuilding products and supplements.

Find out what others are saying good or bad about the most popular supplement and products on the market today!

100 Whey Protein Review Taking a 100% whey protein shake before and after a high intensity workout will give you all the nutritional requirements to enable protein synthesis.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Review (ALA) is completely unique and works as a vitamin-like antioxidant.

American Whey Review Ion-exchanged whey protein, which according to some research makes it the most viable and easily synthesized protein.

Amino Acids Review Increases protein synthesis as well as the muscle sparing effect and the improvement of your recovery, plus your endurance.

Animal Pak Review A time-released daily vitamin, mineral and supplement formula that is designed to maximize gains in strength, size and fat loss.

Cell Tech Review The new Cell Tech product from MuscleTech who have brought us some innovative products over the years including Hydroxycut.

Chrysin Review Called a testosterone booster is because it is able to effectively inhibit the aromatase activity.

DHEA Review When DHEA is supplemented it has shown to have a huge effect on building muscle and losing fat.

Ecdysterone Review Studies seem to prove that ecdysterone shows a dramatic increase in muscle gain and in fat loss.

Genisoy Bars Review Can be used very effectively as a meal replacement for low calorie dieters who cannot find a low calorie snack when they need it most.

Kre Alkalyn Review You get increased strength and muscle gain with Kre-Alkalyn without the side effects that some people get from creatine monohydrate.

L-Taurine Review Many different studies done on L-Taurine show that it can help to widen the blood flow capillaries and increase the flow of nitric oxide which is essential when lifting weights.

Lipo 6 Review The 6 active ingredients acting together speed up thermogenesis in your body, which immediately burns more calories and speeds up metabolism.

NO-Xplode Review A pre-workout supplement that increases your mental focus, energy, muscle pumps, strength and muscle mass.

Pure Ephedrine HCL Review In oriental medicine it is called the ma huang herb and is also used to curb hunger.

Saw Palmetto Review There are many indications of increased production of testosterone from taking Saw Palmetto on a regular basis.

Stacker 2 Review The newly launched Stacker 2 makes some bold statements in its press release saying that it is The World's Strongest Fat Burner.

Tongkat Ali Review The benefits of taking this product on a regular basis have been clearly proved in a number of different clinical studies done over the years.

Tribulus Terrestris Review The steroidal saponins in Tribulus terrestris serve as an alternative to anabolic steroids and can serve as a safe bodybuilding aid.

Vanadyl Sulfate Review After taking this supplement for only a few weeks you will more than likely feel your muscles to be harder and fuller.

Xtend Review A workout drink mix that combines amino acids and electrolytes to improve endurance and recovery.

Zone Bars Review An easy and effective way of getting a perfect balance of carbs, protein and fats.

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