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Free Articles on Bodybuilding

4 Day Bodybuilding Workout Working out four times a week is a good rotation for building up the body as it gives the body three days of rest per week, enough to grow back stronger and bigger.

Adding Lean Muscle Mass The last fifty years has made a big difference to the way that bodybuilders add lean muscle.

Aerobics Benefits for Bodybuilding There are misconceptions concerning the performance of aerobics and increased metabolism.

Afterburn Effect Bodybuilding Burn calories while you sleep with the "after-burn" effect.

Androgel vs Testosterone Boosters Which is better testosterone supplements or testosterone replacement.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Old School Workout Program Arnold's old school approach was to directly address each muscle group with a lot of work.

Bicep Training Mistakes The 5 bicep building mistakes that can halt your bicep progress completely!

Bikini Body Workout Getting into bikini body shape requires working on the muscle as well as trimming off some fat.

Bodybuilding Alkaline Diet A healthy body needs adequate rest and recovery as well as the correct balance of acid and alkaline foods, if we want to stay healthy.

Bodybuilding Arm Workout All bodybuilders want bigger arms and a lot of research has been done on what gets the best results.

Bodybuilding Basics What are the basics of bodybuilding? It all comes down to progressive resistance.

Bodybuilding Beginners Guide If someone makes up their mind that they're going to become involved in the sport of building their body, it is good to stand back and look at the overall view prior to beginning.

Bodybuilding Contest Preparation People who are seriously into bodybuilding often decide that they therefore would like to compete in a contest for bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding Cutting Diet Try this cutting diet plan for bodybuilders to lose fat while not losing muscle.

Bodybuilding Diet Portions The handful diet is a simple way to measure your protein, fat and carb requirements so that you can lose fat.

Bodybuilding Equipment What equipment is needed for bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding for Men As a man undertakes a training regime, there are some things he must remember.

Bodybuilding for Women Is about exercising for the purpose of being fit and having a beautifully sculpted physique.

Bodybuilding Grocery List If you are a bodybuilder who is trying to gain muscle then you will know very well about the necessity to eat correctly and that starts and ends with buying correctly at the grocery store.

Home Bodybuilding Gym Setting up a home gym for bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding Ketogenic Diet The ketogenic diet plan for bodybuilders has had enormous success in fat lose without losing precious muscle.

Bodybuilding Leg Workout The best leg workout routine for mass uses a 3 day split routine when you train like this you can spend a day concentrating on only blasting your legs.

Bodybuilding Over 40 Even though our body starts to reduce its ability to heal after the age of 30 there are ways of getting it kick-started again.

Bodybuilding Overview The craft of bodybuilding has become more and more popular with each year and the technology surrounding it has continued to advance, including the field of nutrition.

Bodybuilding Pointers If you begin to do workout routines, there are lots of pointers available from experts to help guide you on your way.

Bodybuilding Restaurant Choices Eating healthy is hard enough when dining in your own house, but dining out is exponentially tougher because the very nature of the industry conspires against you.

Bodybuilding Rep Range How many reps for muscle building and how many reps for maximum strength?

Bodybuilding Reverse Dieting Reverse dieting is the process of coming out of a low calorie stint in a progressive manner.

Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout The objective is both size and definition or separation of the anterior, medial and posterior deltoid.

Bodybuilding Techniques The most effective bodybuilding techniques that I follow and believe work for me.

Bulking Diet for Bodybuilding In the old days bodybuilders would gain 30 or 40 pounds in the off-season but today things have changed.

Competitive Bodybuilding Training Comparison of pre-contest dieting to pre-contest training for fat loss.

Facts about Creatine What exactly is creatine, exactly does creatine do and what is the best type of creatine?

Fasting Benefits Bodybuilding Fasting (or 24-hour controlled non-eating periods) have come in to the spotlight recently, and not only is it healthy, but its backed by hard science.

Female Bodybuilding For Beginners If you are just beginning to get into female bodybuilding, you must show discipline in your cardiovascular and strength-training workouts, as well as your diet.

Five x Five Workout The five by five approach is almost self explanatory - 5 sets of 5 reps. This falls somewhere between a powerlifting workout and a bodybuilding scheme and as such it works great.

Home Gym Ideas for Bodybuilding What you need to get a good workout and build muscle at home.

How Important are Rest Days for Bodybuilding Getting the time to rest between hard intense workouts is the most important factor when your objective is to gain muscle.

How Much Protein Per Day For Bodybuilding Protein is without a doubt the most important macronutrient that you can take in on a daily basis when bodybuilding.

How to Build a Bigger Chest Every man wants to build a big, massive chest. Great chest development gives you that confident 'head held high' appearance - the type women lust over.

How to Build Bigger Arms The arm routine to gain size in your arm is by training your arms three times a week.

How to Build Big Muscles Muscle that scares the women and children away is what we're talking about here. Building lean, hard, big muscle is difficult to say the least.

How to Build Lean Muscle The first thing that you are going to need if you want to gain lean muscle is to create a carbohydrate strategy that you can implement.

How to Get Motivated for Bodybuilding Motivation to go beyond the normal borders of pain and strength comes from deep inside us.

How to Meet Fit Women If you are a fitness fanatic that is looking for a fit women that you know is into the same passion for health and fitness as you then you need to know a few hard cold facts.

IIFYM Diet Bodybuilding It stands for If It Fits Your Macros (macros being macronutrients, obviously). It's a new craze that's taken the bodybuilding world by storm due to its lax and relaxed approach to overall nutrition.

Importance of Cardio Bodybuilding Not only are there immense health benefits to doing cardio, but it also speeds up your muscle building and fat loss.

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan For Bodybuilding Ihe idea of intermittent fasting is losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time.

Is Protein Powder Really Needed for Bodybuilding Once we strip down all the marketing hype and garbage, you will really be able to see protein powder for it's true value.

Lactic Acid Training Some example of some routines that will get you started on Lactic Acid Training.

Lat Workout If you want to get a thicker back then you have to teach yourself how to pull a weight using your back and not your arms.

Machines vs Free Weights This has split the bodybuilding community into two camps these who believe that free weights are best, and those who rely on machines.

Military Diet Here is what I suggest you do if you want to follow a military diet.

Most Important Vitamins Minerals Bodybuilding What do the individual vitamins and minerals actually take care of?

Muscle Building Fat Burning Recipes Suggested recipes that you could add to your day that would enable you to lose fat fast and put on muscle at the same time.

Muscle Memory Building up the muscles brings many benefits and one of these is a benefit most people are largely unaware of. That's the benefit of muscle memory.

Old School Bodybuilding Diet What did the Old School bodybuilders eat in their diet? The Old School bodybuilders depended much more on their diets than they did on supplements.

Progressive Overload Principle One of the most basic principles in building the body and getting muscle to grow is the progressive overload principle.

Push Up Workout for a Big Chest The good thing about building a more powerful chest is that it can be done remarkably well without any equipment whatsoever.

Quick and Rapid Weight Loss Weight Loss can be extremely difficult if you do not know the correct path to take. On the other hand, if you do everything you need to do, weight loss can be quick, easy, and almost (I emphasize almost!) painless.

Replenishing Carbs Post Workout Post workout recovery nutrition has evolved over the years in an effort to better help the athlete bounce back as quick and fully as possible after a hard-core workout.

Rest Pause Training The rest period length and frequency of rest pauses during the course of a set will depend on a number of factors.

Rib Cage Expansion Bodybuilding One of the more hotly debated topics over the years is whether or not you can expand your rib cage area.

Saturated Fat Bodybuilding Not only does it taste good, but it increases serum testosterone levels and as a bodybuilder, that helps put on muscle!

Supplementation for Bodybuilding When you want to seriously get into bodybuilding, you'll need to think about what kind of supplementation you want to add to your nutrition regime.

Swing Shift Workout If you are on shift work, you have to put a little extra thought into planning a workout routine that works for you.

The Best Exercises to Transform your Body Isolation and machines are great for targeting muscles, but if you get nice and strong off these compound lifts, you'll have a great base.

The Secrets of Natural Bodybuilding Being a natural bodybuilder is definitely no easy task but it is possible for nearly everyone.

The secrets of natural bodybuilding, Tom Platz Training He developed a training of high volume with high intensity long before the idea of HIT became so well-known and proven to be an effective way to gain muscle.

Tricep Training Mistakes The 3 biggest mistakes you can possibly make when training your triceps, these mistakes not only stop you from activating the triceps and tearing fibers, but halt their growth altogether!

Weight Lifting For Bodybuilding Attaining your goals requires you to incorporation a weightlifting program that truly works for you.

What are the Best Foods for Bodybuilding A few pointers on how to identify the best bodybuilding foods.

What is the Best Protein for Bodybuilding If we are talking about the most efficient way to get quickly digestible protein into our bodies then the answer has to be amino acids.

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