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The American whey products that you can get all have one thing in common and that is they are the least expensive of the whey protein alternatives. But the manufacturers have taken it a step farther by adding an ionization of the whey as part of the manufacturing process.

The result is an ion-exchanged whey protein, which according to some research makes it the most viable and easily synthesized protein. Along with the fact that the product is low in calories and doesn't taste like the solid protein that it is.

There are countless flavors that one can select and the great tasting protein mixers easily with juice or milk or just plain water if you are a severely restricted calorie deficit. If you consider the amount of protein you are getting for the price you are paying, it can rank as some of the cheapest good quality protein available.

The American whey products companies are extremely competitive but quality control of the product is strict and you get exactly what the FDA approves with all the required tests and trials. One of the American whey products uses the word bioavailability in its marketing to describe the ease of the whey protein absorption into the strengthening of a muscle.

In just one 32 gram scoop of American whey protein you will get around 24 grams of very easily digestible protein. Along with all the required BCAA's that you need and 4 grams of the vitally important glutamine other precursors for protein synthesis to occur.

The main reason why whey is so cheap is that for years it was something that most dairies or cheese makers would simply trash as an unnecessary by-product and simply trash the whey or use it in feed. But since the discovery of the ease of digestion and the enormous amount of milk protein per gram, it has suddenly become precious.

The strict quality control is watched over by Federal government as the cGMP and the Informed-Choice group who represent the consumers; all insure that you get a top quality proudly American product. The manufacture, the processing and the packaging are all 100% home grown American.

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